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Saving K-12 explains what went wrong in our public schools and how we fix them.


If you want our 

public schools to be

much improved,

this book is for you.

(See cover below.)


There are 65 articles divided into 10 thematic sections dealing with such issues as:

culture wars; illiteracy; math skills;

the acquisition of knowledge; failure of common core; dysfunctional theories and methods in the classroom; the guilt of our education elite; the inadequate response of our community leaders; and suggestions for repairing the damage.


 Perhaps the most important message conveyed by this book is that the public should not trust the skills or good intentions of our Education Establishment. They are ideologues, perhaps best described as socialists or collectivists. They are not primarily focused on children, education, or this country. They are interested in transforming the country by tinkering with what public schools do.


 If you want better schools, you have to understand the methods used to cripple them, and then be part of eliminating  these ugly gimmicks. This book is presented as "a citizen's guide to improving public education."


 The author's main goal is to raise the level of the education discussion in this country. It's very low, almost infantile.

Look in the archives of your own local paper or other media and try to find any discussion whatsoever about

the many failed theories and methods used in the schools.


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Saving K-12



by Bruce Deitrick Price



What Happened To The Public Schools?

How Do We Fix Them?



About 200 pages,

$20 for paperback.




Best cheap gift

for smart people.



 Please use this book to stir up discussion and debate.

The Education Establishment gets away with too much. We need a more educated public eager to demand higher standards throughout K-12.


Some outstanding people

were kind enough to provide comments that could be used in the book:


“Bruce Deitrick Price is a fierce advocate of education and in particular literacy instruction. A true believer in phonics instruction in early literacy, Bruce backs up his opinions with solid research and facts. His well-researched and thought-provoking articles are an asset for parents and educators alike. He is in a league of his own.” 

Kim Latta, founder of Exceeding Reading


“There is nothing more important than your child's education, and no one has a better grasp on what is happening in the schools of the current day than columnist/author Bruce Price.”

Judi McLeod, Editor of Canada Free Press


“Bruce hits the nail on the head. Instead of improving curriculum and instruction, education has stepped up obfuscation and doubled down on excuses.” 

Professor John Stone, President of Education Consumers Foundation


“I have always loved and admired these people. Samuel L Blumenfeld, Samuel T. Orton, Bruce Deitrick Price, Rudolf Flesch, John Taylor Gatto, Charlotte Iserbyt, Martin Kozloff, Charles Sykes, and Richard Mitchell.”

Holly S Muzzy, on her blog Parents and Teachers against sight word memorization


When we have the good fortune to see a true warrior in children’s education, we should mark that date on our calendar.  We need to record the time we became amazed by the boldness, tenacity, and true creativity in that warrior’s work. Bruce D. Price is one such warrior who continues to offer reason and truth to the expanding world of twisted education that our children and their parents must exist in every day.” 

Nakonia (Niki) Hayes, author of

John Saxon’s Story, a genius of common sense in math education


"Education is our most valuable asset, an investment in our children and in the future of our world. Bruce Deitrick Price is a staunch supporter of this cause and produces some incredible work. Thank you, Bruce Deitrick Price.” 

Steven Farrell, Publisher of The Moral Liberal


“I have fought for literacy for over 40 years, and am ever glad to find other people fighting with equal diligence, concerned with facts and understanding the simple needs.  I hope everyone who reads this book, or anything else by Bruce Price, will join him. He is trying to restore normal life to thousands wrecked in government schools by mistrained teachers.” Mona McNee, author of The Great Reading Disaster and creator of Step-by-Step Phonics


“You just have to admire this guy who for more than 25 years has been making reasoned and reasonable requests for better public education and, even though the education blob affects to ignore his attentions, Mr. Price refuses to shut up. It's because it's important, don't you know.” Malkin Dare, founder of Society for Quality Education


“Bruce Price is one of the 10 people in the country who can explain what’s going on in education.”

Jonathon Moseley, attorney and host on Conservative Commando radio program


“I greatly enjoy reading Bruce Price’s informative articles, since my foremost interest has long been education. My wife of 46 years and I home educated all eight of our children while I was teaching college-level English and running an innovative program for homeschoolers, using many of the common-sense principles Bruce espouses. His insightful articles are educationally sound, timely, and relevant.” 

Stephen Stone, President of RenewAmerica


"Everything written by Bruce Deitrick Price about education is both lucid and compelling. He consistently sees through the jargon of the educrats and the longwindedness of John Dewey and other progressives, who are more interested in social engineering than in skills or independent thinking. He consistently makes a forceful case for phonics as being the best way to teach reading. This work is another example of his clarity and positive vision for American education.” 

Jeffrey Ludwig, author, The Catastrophic Decline of America’s Public High Schools


Bruce Price has been successful in using modern media to reach a large audience with solid facts about the dangers of sight-words and the benefits of phonics-first. I once conducted an experiment when I Googled

the term ‘sight word’ for 30 minutes and never encountered a single voice opposing them.”

Don Potter, publisher of


“Bruce D. Price is one of the nation’s leading authorities on improving education. Bruce is a thorn in the side of the Education Establishment. His logic and ability to point out the blatant stupidity within the system have not exactly endeared him to the guardians of our failed education system, which is why I find Bruce to be a much needed and welcomed voice in fixing the country.”

Tom White, publisher of VaRight





W   H   A   T      T   O       E   X   P   E   C   T






Our elite educators promote methods that don’t work, 

then they have to brainwash teachers into believing in the methods, 

and then in turn pressuring parents into accepting the methods. 

The children themselves don’t know what’s being done to them.

 Too often, they are just lost souls herded around from assessment 

 to remediation to psychiatric counseling.”  Bruce Deitrick Price






An invitation to pundits, experts, bloggers, reviewers, real educators, et al:


 K-12 education is a swamp of sophistry and insincerity.

You can have a lot of fun exposing and explaining this stuff.  


The Education Establishment is not capable of correcting itself.

They need your help. They need an intervention from everyone

who cares about the future of the country.






 NEWS: Bruce Price spoke at the Pensare Oltre conference in Milan,

the third weekend of October, 2017. He gave two speeches: "Know Thine Enemy" and "Broken Promises in American K-12." Photo below. 










published by

Anaphora Literary Press




Text of speech "Broken Promises in American K-12" is here.





















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