I've been a writer and a painter throughout my career. I've published eight books and had a half-dozen art shows. I was writing poetry all along. These days, a lot of energy goes into writing about education (on Improve-Education.org and other places).


Saving K-12, a collection of 65 articles, is scheduled for publication NOV. 17. Can be preordered now. It's presented as "a citizen's guide to improving public education." More info.

Lit4u.com, this site, presents a variety of work that I get a kick out of. Click around. Contact me at Word-Wise, 757-455-5020.)




---------- S I G N E D    B O O K S ---------


Too Easy. 1994, somewhat scandalous erotic thriller about a romantic triangle. $40. ("The unwed mother of all page-turners." Kinky Friedman). Includes UPS; pay by Paypal. Signed: Bruce D. Price (unless otherwise requested) LATEST NEWS, Simon & Schuster reissued Too Easy as an e-book. You can order at S&S or on Kindle.


American Dreams, 1984, experimental novel that is nonetheless readable and intellectually interesting. $40. ("Price has written a funny, stylistically innovative novel that includes everything a popular novel should have: romance, sex, adultery, crime, religion, sickness, death and even Texas." --Publishers Weekly.)  ....UPDATE 2016: Recently discovered list of rave reviews from almost 30 years ago prompted me to put a review on Amazon  and to loudly proclaim that American Dreams is the most successful experimental novel in American literature! (Take that, Naked Lunch.) Permanent Press issued this novel as e-book now available on Amazon. 




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Word-Wise Modern, Virginia Beach, Va.

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No birds on a beach.

But there is a lot of quirky, original art

in several styles.

Good gifts for quirky, original friends.

Many smaller pieces $25-$300.


Take a look at ArtNorfolk.com.

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Bruce Deitrick Price
















oh to uncage words
as startling as birds
naked and silken
full of song and shriek
flung into the envious air
on a wonder of wings
to spin and soar and rise
dazzling our days
with surprise























































Poster boy for Saving K-12